This is a group of sailors who function as a real team both on board and on shore. Roberto Lacorte has brought together a group of rounded specialists in the world of sailing who can also contribute significantly to the development of a boat as complex as it is futuristic such as the FlyingNikka: from the dynamics of full foiling to the design of the sails and the deck plan. A team that set out and grew up together on board the legendary SuperNikka, made up of Olympic champions, decorated competition winners and other 'greats' from Italian sailing who, whilst awaiting the launch of FlyingNikka, are involved in the Persico 69F circuit with two boats: the FlyingNikka 69F number 47 with blue sails, with helmsman Roberto Lacorte, supported on board by Lorenzo Bressani and Enrico Zennaro, and the FlyingNikka 69F number 74 with yellow sails and helmsman Alessio Razeto, Lorenzo De Felice and Andrea Fornaro. A double challenge that concluded last year with a final first and second place in the 69F circuit that this year will be repeated in an attempt to defend these titles, continuing to improve the sensation of everything that surrounds the field of foils. The six, with boat commander Fabrizio Turini, Project Manager Micky Costa and the design team put together by Mark Mills - will be working in close contact with the development of the innovative FlyingNikka project up to launch day, expected for summer 2022.

Roberto Lacorte

Yacht owner, helmsman, team leader, he is the driving force behind the FlyingNikka project. His familiarity with piloting very fast racing cars is sure to be an advantage when he has FlyingNikka in his hand...

Enrico Zennaro

With an exceptional prize-list, boasting myriad titles and extensive experience in sailing on all levels, this forty-one-year-old from Chioggia, Zennaro is a versatile sailor with impressive experience specifically with foils.

Lorenzo Bressani

This forty-seven-year-old from Trieste is one of the most sparkling talents that Italian sailing has ever seen. Former Olympian with catamaran Nacra 17, he holds a variety of Italian and World titles to his name in a number of different classes.

Alessio Razeto

Originally from Geneva, 45-years-old, team project manager, Razeto is also responsible for the sails on the new FlyingNikka, which will be made by North Sails Italia (where he is Sales Manager).

Lorenzo De Felice

Thirty-four years of age, Neapolitan with many titles to his name be they centreboard, match race, offshore and monotypes, he was one of the first in Italy to navigate on a Moth, small hydrofoil centreboards that today are the most popular.

Andrea Fornaro

Extensive experience in Olympic class, offshore and ocean sailing, Fornaro, 43, is the prototype of the modern navigator, easily slipping from buoy racing to ocean crossings.