Training camp in Viareggio with our partner Athletica

From the sea to the gym: for the crew of FlyingNikka, the month of May could not have been more intense. As soon as the Spring Regattas in Portofino were over, the crew of the world’s first fully foiling Mini Maxi went straight to Viareggio, to the headquarters of their partner Athletica, to carry out a two-day test and specific training sessions.

An appointment that represents the first step in a detailed physical and mental preparation programme, as defined by the staff of Athletica, with whom the sponsor Cetilar boasts an all-round collaboration, to bring the FlyingNikka crew to their full potential throughout the season. Two days of PT, outdoor activities, specific tests, physical check-ups, in the context of an organization considered one of the excellences of the sector at international level.

“We have just started and we have a long road ahead of us but we are extremely satisfied with this beginning,” explains Alessio Erra, co-founder of Athletica with Filippo Della Latta. “These few days have been extremely useful in setting up the programme for the rest of the year, but we have already had some good feedback, a sign that the FlyingNikka crew have approached this new activity with great commitment and seriousness.”

“It is a pleasure for us to start this adventure with a high-level team like FlyingNikka,” added Della Latta. “The work required is particular, because FlyingNikka is itself a boat of a new conception, one with no comparisons, so the preparation of the crew, in both physical and mental terms, must also be calibrated starting from the uniqueness of the vessel: a job that is as demanding as it is stimulating.